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Thursday.…Thursday.…Thursday Jan­u­ary 9th 2014.….Crinoline will be play­ing at The Uni­ver­sal on Lanker­shim at 11PM. We all hope to see you there.

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In other news, we’re still work­ing on our next EP which will fea­ture a new musi­cal approach on one track. The song is called “Fast Game”.  Stay tuned for a release date. 

Also, we just got our first inter­na­tional blog endorse­ment (that we know of) from Trike’s Trax.–08-29T06:55:00–03:00&max-results=5

We’ve also uploaded songs from our first EP, Crino­li­neNoise to a Sound­cloud page. Unfor­tu­nately there is another band using our name in another coun­try so we are using Crinoline2013 for our page address.

Our first EP enti­tled Crino­li­neNoise is avail­able around the globe from a num­ber of online music dis­trib­u­tor web­sites in down­load and phys­i­cal form. Look it up under Crino­line or Crino­li­neNoise.

Loca­tion, loca­tion, loca­tion. Since we’ve found that the look up of our mate­r­ial on each site is slightly dif­fer­ent  in order to make it eas­ier for you to find, click one of the links below: (downloads) (CD and down­loads)

Google Play (downloads)


Onstage at the Cobalt

                                                                                                     Wendy WoWs them at the Cobalt

Check ourShows tab for addresses and directions.

Join our email fan­base at our fan page under the “Contact/Fantab above. To be added to our list of upcom­ing shows and band info, send us a note with your email address and any com­ments you might have. We’ll be send­ing out band news and gig info every few weeks or so.


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